D.A.C.E Duratronic remote transmitter


Duratronic 3 button remote transmitter, is made by Dura Access Control Equipment. This remote is made of a hard black plastic housing in addition it has two rubber buttons for code transmission. The remote transmits a unique code in order to secure the 433mHz code. This remote is typically used on D.A.C.E products although it is possible to use a D.A.C.E remote on other products. This can be done by using a D.A.C.E receiver, in other words one can purchase a matching receiver and connect it to multiple devices such as alarm systems, other brands of gate, garage door motors. D.A.C.E no longer manufacture the old square shaped remotes, however this remote will work as a replacement. Duratronic remotes use rolling code technology which means it is not possible to duplicate this remote code as every time this remote transmits the code changes.
Specification of Duratronic 3 button remote transmitter:

Frequency: 433mHz
Battery: GP23 12v
Coding: D.A.C.E Rolling code
Program difficulty: Moderate, requires access to receiver

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